Treading on Black Wings

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Type-0 makes you scream because everything is dark and gritty and you keep dying in missions AND THEN THE ENDING but Agito also makes you scream because cuteness and then some new things about the characters which make you ?????AWWW

Focus on the guys for now…

Izana: Wants you to get along with his baby brother. Doesn’t seem to have a bonding gauge.

Machina: Wants you to hang around with his big brother (also panics when he forgot about his lunch appointment with Rem). Doesn’t seem to have a bonding gauge either.

Ace: MISSING SENPAI let’s leave it at that until he appears in the game again but uh he takes care of you? (Which can be kyaa-worthy if you’re playing as a girl or Yes Homo if you’re playing as a guy)

Trey: Lethal cook

Eight: Has issues about his height also probably the one with the most dokidoki lines

Nine: Actually sits down to study (only if you are there with him) and is a surprisingly kind senpai lolol

Jack: Has a porn stash (Japanese fandom is REALLY happy over this and screaming OMG THE BOYS READ PORN IT’S OFFICIAL)

King: Has a pet baby Cactuar (Nine even refers to it as “King’s Child/Baby” when he brings some water)

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How to Get Better at Drawing →


A beginning artist emailed me for advice on getting better. I thought I’d share here.

Set up:

Get some copier paper or some sketchbooks, just so that you have A LOT of paper. You’re going to go through a lot. Get paper that has little or no “tooth”, meaning it’s smooth,…

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Nana Weibo Update

Nana Weibo Update

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